The Friday Venturers
"Fortune Seekers and Mission Accomplishers par excellence"

Being the sundry chronicles and historical narratives of a very long-standing and continuous sequence of adventures and escapades befalling a troupe of adventurers in the realm of Dungeons and Dragons. Read their Weblog which is updated each month if the troupe succeeds in its attempts to send a missive of progress and events from wherever it happens to find itself on which ever plane of the multiverse.

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The troupe known as The Friday Venturers set out from a point in the this part of the multiverse (glossary: multiverse = all possible universes, including our own) at a time corresponding to the time we know as January 1980, from a place corresponding to the place we know as Bath, in the county of Somerset, in the United Kingdom. They have never returned.

Their departure was precipitated by first contact with "Cells and Serpents", which was created on an early example of a microprocessor based computer (a UK101) built by Kenneth Spencer, one of the component psyches (glossary: component psyche = human being of our universe) of the troupe.

Twelve characters (glossary: character = member of the troupe existing in the alternative universe) are known to have been present in the original troupe - each pair of characters was understood to have been deconstructed and reconstructed (glossary: deconstruction/reconstruction = the processes of transfer between universes) from the psyches of six male individuals from the evirons of their original location in Bath. Since their departure, there have been many many reported changes of character owing to deaths and desertions, and even one controversial leaving of one component psyche from the troupe due to completely unacceptable behaviour.

The component psyche known in our part of the multiverse as Roddy Watts left the troupe in 1997. Much earlier, in 1990, one of his character protégés known as Penhaligon committed the most evil and unacceptable act of causing detonation of a series of fire-bombs in an enclosed region of an underground dungeon - so close to the rest of the troupe was the detonation that all other characters in the troupe were killed. One component psyche, Kenneth Spencer put on his coat and was about to leave the other component psyches for ever owing to the unacceptability of Penhaligon's action. The other component psyches felt the same way and as a result, David Franklin supreme Master of the Environment of The Friday Venturers caused a temporal re-winding to the point immediately prior to the detonation, and permitted the time to be re-sequenced and a new multiverse point to be selected so that the detonation was not caused. However, the known intention of Penhaligon led to his ejection from the troupe, and the rejection in the future of all such evil characters. Eventually therefore, Penhaligon's component psyche, Roddy Watts, left the troupe owing to his enforced avoidance of selection characters of evil alignment.

Another original component psyche, Roger Evans, undertook a geographical relocation to Yeovil, also in the United Kingdom, and took on roles in other sundry secret societies, which caused his physical appearance in the character troupe to become intermittent. However, in 2006 Roger relocated yet again to the vicinity of Bath, and once again became a regular member of the troupe.

In 1994 another component psyche, known as Douglas Banks joined the troupe and was successfully transported from our current points of spatial and temporal location in our multiverse to those of the character troupe, enabling him to be deconstructed and reconstructed as two characters in the character troupe.

Click on the links below to read the details of the Characters, the World they inhabit (Maps), and a chronology of their extensive adventures, and read their Weblog, updated as their progress develops:

Early History The Characters Maps of Travelling Chronicles
  Occasional Episodes

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