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THE EPISODES: When Time-Shifting Went Wrong!

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The Crazy Zed Ranch

Sometimes during the many alterations of the space-time continuum that our adventurers have to do, things go wrong. When it does they end up in some strange times and places. We have provided some links below so that you can see what happened when they became involved in what was going on when they by chance they "landed" in a strange place and strange time !

The Range Wars: The Crazy Zed Ranch versus The Lazy Lion Ranch

On the 12th November 2000, a mis-rolled dice resulted in our Troupe being diverted to the town of Sintomata, in the time of the wild west in North America. Two ranches, the Crazy Zed, and the Lazy Lion, had long been in confict over aspects pf control of the township of Sintomata.

The Crazy Zed Ranch

The Lazy Lion Ranch

In the town of Sintomata, the two local ranches (the Crazy Zed and the Lazy Lion) had long been at loggerheads for the control of the nearby town of Sintomata.

The Sintomata Township

The Lazy Lion ranch had got current control of the town. Henchmen from the Crazy Zed ranch went into Sintomata in an attempt to stop them but walked into an ambush. Trying to create an element of safety, they split into three groups.

Group one met up with a deaf sheriff, who ordered them to drop there guns. Unfortunately they didn't shout their agreement loudly enough and were shot all to hastily by the sheriff.

Group two went off to the east, but unfortunately were practically obliterated when one of their members (an explosives expert) was shot in an encounter, and fell awkwardly onto his cache of nitro glycerine. The cache exploded, causing death and injury to their section.

Group three took a look at the prospect of entering the town and decided to withdraw. Back at the Crazy Zed Ranch, their foreman, Tom Picket, rebelled when ordered to return to the town to carry on with the task. He had a short fight with, and killed, the Crazy Zed rancher.

Tom Picket took over the Crazy Zed Ranch and came to a mutual arrangement with the deseased rancher's wife which enabled him to take control of the Ranch and its men.

Under the rule of Tom Picket, the Crazy Zed henchmen skirted widely around the town, and went directly to the Lazy Lion Ranch. There they discovered that the Town Sheriff had been currupt for years, and in collusion with the Lion Ranch. In a scuffle at the Lazy Lion Ranch, the owner of the Ranch was shot. They were able to negotiate money as compensation and payment for the ranch from the crooked Sheriff.


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