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THE EPISODES: When Time-Shifting Went Wrong!

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Oonsla - Eutenax murdered Oonsla 2 - Avenging a Murder Oonsla 3 - Justice at Last
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The Hill Giants Attack Oonsla

Sometimes during the many alterations of the space-time continuum that our adventurers have to do, things go wrong. When it does they end up in some strange times and places. We have provided some links below so that you can see what happened when they became involved in what was going on when they by chance they "landed" in a strange place and strange time !

On the 27th August 2007, a mis-rolled dice resulted in our Troupe being diverted to the town of Oonsla, in the time of the troubles between hill giants and humankind.

Oonsla looking east                  Oonsla looking west    

Captain Marieka,  the female chief of Militia, is investigating the situation after the landlord of Slades Inn, Omar Vahan, had been found murdered in a barn by his Inn. A sword seemed to have been the weapon.

The next morning, Captain Marieka interviewed all those present at the Inn during the evening of the murder.

There were several undercurrents influencing the many relationships, but the one theme that caught her attention was apparent friction between the Inn keeper and his sister Lena, who seemed to have a motive in the gaining of control of the Inn.

Initially Marieka was sympathetic to Lena in the loss of her brother, and the suspicion only became strong later in the interviews. Initially, not suspecting Lena, Marieka had asked Lena to collect all weapons present in the pub for inspection.

Marieka decided, on the evidence of of Rainer Vogg regarding an open cellar hatch, and on other evidence of friction between the brother and sister, that Lena was guilty, and had left the cellar, where she had been with Felona Verdane, and had killed her brother.

On firming up her opinion of the guilt of Lena, Marieka arrested Lena for the murder, and Felona Vedane, who was known to be with her during the evening, as an accessory. However, in asking Lena to collect all weapons, Marieka had allowed Lena an opportunity of destroying the evidence.

Mariieka did not detect the blackmail that was going on involving Felona and Lena over the supply of drugs in the town.

Marieka arrests Lena Vahon

Later that afternoon, Mayor Eutenax was in his home, the Grain Store, when the town of Oonsla was attacked by a gang of hill giants.

Captain Marieka was taking Lena Vahan and Felona Verdane to the armoury, to be held for trial in the murder, and accessory to the murder, of Omar Vahan of Slades Inn.

Initially Marieka and two of her guards fought the hill giants, but when their leader bellowed out a demand for Uleyah Reyn, Marieka acceded to the request, because Uleyah was long suspected by Marieka as having been involved in illegal activity in the town. Marieka had only weak defences and judged it better to allow one suspected criminal to be abducted that suffer mush death and destruction in the town at the hands of the hill giants. And the hill giants seemed to respond.

As the hill giants were chasing Uleyah out of the town, an army led by Viscount Wandenrush arrived, in an attempt to destroy the hill giants, and, confusingly to Marieka, save Uleyah from his fate with the hill giants.

Marieka was very reluctant to assist Wandenrush - completely understandably given her character, and her knowledge of how Wandenruish had previously murdured inn battle, Wilfrick, whom she had admired greatly.

In her opinion, the town missed a possible opportunity to rid themselves of Wandenrush, who she would never accept as their legitimate leader.

Mayor Eutenax Assassinated

Whilst all this was going on, Mayor Eutenax, on leaving his home to take control of procedings, found himself confronted by an assassin, who succeeded in his aim. Eutenax's guards attempted to pursue the assassin, but for some reason were prevented from so doing by an inexplicable intervention of the DM. Assassinations are SO boring when you have suffered several.

Eventially Marieka was killed by the hill giants. In turn they were killed by Wandenrush's troops, but not before considerable loss to the town of property and life.

Lessons for the Future

1. Marieka was given considerable misinformation about Uleyah, as illustrated by her notes:

"You are currently investigating possible criminal activities of Ulayah Reyn, the owner of nearby Spider Farm.
On information personally received from a secret informant (Brad Jennings) you suspect that Ulayah Reyn is illegally selling spider venom produced on his farm. The investigation began when Brad Jennings informed you that Ulayah had tried to sell him venom the last time that he visited the farm to purchase some other items.
You have suspected Ulayah Reyn of illegal activities for many months but until now have had no evidence. You are a detective and you have always suspected that he was 'up to no good'".

The emphasis was not in the notes (the words were), but is used to highlight the misinformation. And it is replicated in Eutenax's notes:
"Marieka suspects that Ulayah Reyn is a criminal dealing in illegal poisons. He sounds the ideal suspect to be an assassin, but you know that this killer could be anyone!"

Such misinformation will inevitably skew a player's approach to his character, and there should therefore be no surprise when that happens.

2. Character Control

There was no logical reason why Eutenax's guards should not pursue the assassin of their employer. Yet they were prevented from so doing. This is what we can refer to as a "PH" moment, and most definitely destroyed the enjoyment of the game.

It must be accepted that Players can play their characters as they wish, provided the basic rules are observed, and character alignments are respected, without indefensible interference in order to produce some particular result.

Precedent: Please refer to Tom Picket's behaviour in the "Crazy Zed" episode on 12th November 2000 at Newton St Loe camp. That was a "PH" moment, illustrating that some kind of immunisation against "PH" moments is required. Dr Thekla will investigate.

3. Character alignment behaviour

Marieka was a lawful good alignment. She would have resented Wandenrush, who killed in battle Viscount Wilfrick, whom she admired. Once again, players must have the freedom to play as they believe their characters would behave. "PH" moments are not acceptable!

Note: No responsibility can be accepted for any damage caused as a result of any person trying to replicate these adventures at home.

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