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THE EPISODES: When Time-Shifting Went Wrong!

Sometimes during the many alterations of the space-time continuum that our adventurers have to do, things go wrong. When it does they end up in some strange times and places. We have provided some links below so that you can see what happened when they became involved in what was going on when they by chance they "landed" in a strange place and strange time !

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The Emperor and the Elves of Elsenwood
The Failed Peace Conference in the Elven Forest

On the 20th August 2013, a mis-rolled dice occurred again, and our Troupe was diverted to the Elven Forest, part of their established 'venturing world, as it was in April 4336. Peace negotiations were just about to begin between the elves and the Emperor, Nantarth El-Antaggrath.

The Meeting Place

The Meeting Place
The High Elves and Wood Elves Arrive

The Emperor's Troops Arrive

For some time relations between the Emperor and the High Elves of Elsenwood had been deteriorating. One group was refusing to pay their taxes and all wanted independence and autonomy. Then a convoy passing through the woods was massacred, and the elves were accused of it. However they had captured prisoners who were willing to admit that they had been hired to commit the murders.

Elven attendees proceed to the meeting place

The Emperor's Troops arrive at the meeting place

A druid named Dunreden had persuaded the Emperor not to attack the elves, but to meet and negotiate a peace, and to take the guilty prisoners from the elves, and to prove that the elves did not perpetrate the massacre. A date in April 4336 was chosen, and the elves gathered with the Emperor's troops.
At first the mood was co-operative, as Efrinodel, leader of the High Elves in Elsenwood agreed to pay his taxes. But when Efrinodel produced only one prisoner, who could not verify that the massacre of the convoy in which he took part was commissioned by a group other than the elves things became difficult.

Dunreden, the Druid (in white), by the holy pool

The meeting starts - the first prisoner arrives

Matters really did fall apart when Elfrinodel signalled for the second prisoner, who did know about, was willing to testify about the hiring of his gang, to be brought forward. Unfortunately a gang of ranger-bandits were hiding in the undergrowth, and one came out, and, with the aid of a smoke bomb, cut the second prisoner's throat, thus preventing the defence of the elves from being made to the Emperor.

Eventually the second prisoner is brought forward
(upper centre by mounted elven guard)

But he is attacked and killed by a bandit ranger.

He soon lies dead by the pool. One bandit is arrested ...

... but released on orders of the Emperor's bodyguard.

Although one bandit was arrested by Amras Seregon, the Wood Elf leader, his release was ordered by the Emperor's Bodyguard and Troop Leader, Captain Midnight. The same order was given when Efrinodel arrested a second bandit.
Then there was continuing bickering over the discontinuation of the Annual Festival of Light, as organised by the Wood Elves in Shimmertree Vale: the Emperor wanted it closed down, but the Wood Elves did not agree to that.
During that argument, the Emperor's troops moved unobtrusively and unnoticed, into the attack.

The Emperor's troops attacked the elves ... who escaped.
But more trouble with the Emperor must now lie ahead!

Once the attack was underway, Amras Seregon decided the leave the battle, with his troops. He had hoped for a peaceful settlement and for the retention of his Annual Festival of Light. As he left the scene, in his anger, his Elf Mage cast a Fireball at the Emperor, killing him and injuring his troops. However, the fact that the Emperor was killed so easily by a relatively weak Fireball, was further possible evidence that the Emperor had probably sent a stand-in to this so-called peace conference.

Plainly there will be considerable trouble to be expected between the Emperor and the Elves in the future. And Amras is unlikely to accept cessation of his Festival of Light without putting up whatever argument he can raise.

Note: No responsibility can be accepted for any damage caused as a result of any person trying to replicate these adventures at home.

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