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THE EPISODES: When Time-Shifting Went Wrong!

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The Arrest of Lady Kathli of Lakenheath

Sometimes during the many alterations of the space-time continuum that our adventurers have to do, things go wrong. When it does they end up in some strange times and places. We have provided some links so that you can see what happened when they became involved in what was going on when they by chance they "landed" in a strange place and strange time !

After the Summit: The Claiming of Taxes from Lakenheath and Lady Kathli's Arrest

On the 29th August 2005, a mis-rolled dice resulted in our Troupe being diverted to the village of Lakenheath in the City State of the Invincible Overlord. They had been there before, when, in August of 4334, (travelling from 1998 in our time), Deagan Fenn had to agree to go on a personal mission to help Lady Kathli, the matriarch of the matriarchy of the village. Lady Kathli is the sister of Teral Guthdohtor, the Abbess of Irilian.

On this second occasion, members of our troupe found themselves embodied in the personae of several individuals, each with an interest in Lady Kathli and in Lakenheath. Their visit ocurred just after the end of the grand Summit of Padishas when the Treaty of Lakenheath was signed. This Treaty concerned an agreement to cease paying the annual tax to the City State of the Invible Overlord, in favour of .

The view above shows Lakenheath as seen when entering the village from the north.

The view above shows Lakenheath when entering from the south,

The view above shows Lakenheath as seen when entering the villlage from the east - from the direction of  the City State of the Invible Overlord.

Duke Athoenin, had been staying with Lady Kathli at her estate since the end of the summit, recovering from a fever, but had recovered. He had grown fond of Lady Kathli, and she had asked that he escort a wagon of gold from her banker to safety in the City State of the Invincible before leaving for his home in Modron. he had agreed. He called his soldiers from the lodgings at the Inn and made ready to leave.

Duke Athoenin's soldiers leave their Inn to croos the bridge to gather at Lady Kathli's Estate before leaving.

The soldiers get ready to leave Lady Kathli's estate.
(Top right hand corner of picture).

Athoenin and his soldiers were just leaving Lady Kathli's estate, when

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