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THE EPISODES: When Time-Shifting Went Wrong!

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Back in Oonsla yet again - 2012

Sometimes during the many alterations of the space-time continuum that our adventurers have to do, things go wrong. When it does they end up in some strange times and places. We have provided some links below so that you can see what happened when they became involved in what was going on when they by chance they "landed" in a strange place and strange time !

Eutenax, Bannu and Ventnor

On the 27th August 2012, a mis-rolled dice resulted in our Troupe being diverted for s third time, to the town of Oonsla. It was amazing to the troupe that they had landed at exactly the time when Bannu Ammar was about to stand trial for the murder of Brad Jennings, Mayor of Oonsla.

Oonsla looking east
Oonsla looking west
Oonsla looking south

Eutenax Ammar was the eldest of three brothers. He had made a good life for himself in Oonsla, and was its Mayor. However, he must also have had his enemies, because he was assassinated in the town by a female assassin, known as Irena Yar and her assistant Kargoth.

Bannu, the middle brother had attempted to avenge the murder by recruiting the help of Oonsla town Scribe Abdul Caldni Vir, to locate and identify the assassin. However, Abdul was a corrupt lying scheme, and he duped Bannu into murdering instead, Brad Jennings, Eutenax's successor as Mayor, claiming that Jennings was a female shape-shifting assassin. Worse still, the murder went down in history in Oonsla because it was committed in the church in front of the Priestess and several worshippers.

All this was considered carefully by the youngest brother, Ventnor Ammar. Ventnor had lived in the shadow of his elder brothers, and had become resentful. He wished to see Bannu convicted for the murder, as he could then legitimately inherit the wealth accumulated by both Eutenax and Bannu - businesses that were profitable in both Tak Shire and Oonsla.

Ventnor had arrived with some of his tougher employees in tow, a few days before our troupe landed unexpectedly. Oonsla was very busy with the trial forthcoming and a huge mass of Orcs on the town boundary.

The Judge arrives by boat

The Judge's Entourage & Banner

The Judge arrived by boat surrounded by guards from the City State of the World Emperor. En route to the Banjo and Z Inn, where the trial would be held, matters were complicated somewhat when the Judge's entourage was intercepted by the Orcs, who were demanding possession of a City State guard they believed to be guilty of a mass murder of Orcs some time earlier. The Judge negotiated the delay of the handing over of the guard until after the trial. (In fact the Judge very skilfully managed this little problem because he was concealing the fact that it was he himself, in a previous rôle in the City State, who had committed the mass killing.)

Outside the Banjo Inn at the Trial

The Judge's Entourage Takes Bannu
after the Trial

In due course, witnesses were heard, evidence taken, and a judgement passed down. Notwithstanding Bannu's accusation of Abdul as being guilty of seriously misleading him and causing him to commit the murder, Bannu was found guilty of murder. He would be executed after being taken immediately by the Judge's entourage to the City State.
However, in a twist of fate, Bannu was killed by a group of Brad Jennings' ex-militia, who were themselves avenging the murder of Jennings.

As regards Ventnor - he presented his papers to the Judge after the verdict had been issued, and thus inherited several business and the wealth of his two elder brothers. he, at least was happy.

As an aside, Lena Vahon, who had committed the murder of her brother Omar in order to gain ownership of the Slade's Inn, finally agreed the sale of land to her neighbour, MagdaleneColerre, Bee Keeper and manufacturer of the drug "Ambrosia", in payment of long standing overdue bills for the supply of the drug to Lena.

Note: No responsibility can be accepted for any damage caused as a result of any person trying to replicate these adventures at home.

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