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The Dark of Irilian Temple of Elemental Evil  
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After overcoming the threat of  The Dark of Irilian, the troupe had been told of the presence of the God Iuz, in the Temple of Elemental Evil, where it was known lay a threat of the recurrence of The Dark.
The troupe travelled from Irilian, west to the village of Homlett, in the foothills of the Pinnacle Mountains. There they learned that the Temple of Elemental Evil had in fact been constructed in Nulb, a small village through which thay had passed en route to Homlett.

nulb tot homlett
Irilian to Homlett and back to Nulb

The Village of Homlett

The troupe searched the areas surrounding Homlett for information about the Evil God Iuz. An evil fortress close to Homlett was discovered, and destroyed. Information was uncovered which told the troupe that they must go back to Nulb where they would be able to locate the Temple, and when they felt they had enough understanding, tackle the God Iuz.

The Temple of
Elemental Evil in Nulb

Thus the troupe returned to Nulb, and some way to the south, the Temple of Elemental Evil was eventually found. The Temple contained four temples in all - dedicated to Air, Fire, Earth and Water. These temples had been built in deep excavations beneath the main temple ruin, each being maintained by an evil magician, the two most critical being Senshock and Hiedrack.

Each contained a hidden key which must be retreived if the Evil God Iuz was to be prevented from recreating The Dark in the future.
Each key was actually a jewel which had to be fitted into a crevice in the Evil Orb - the Orb had been constructed from the parts of a humanoid skull.

The Evil Orb

After a great deal of searching and battling through the four temples and the elemental planes that they represented, the troupe had located the Four Keys and the Evil Orb. In the final moment of victory, the jewels were inserted into their places in the Evil Orb and the Temple collapsed, completely disabling the Evil God Iuz and thus removing the threat of The Dark for a considerable time to come. The two magicians Senshock and Hiedrack escaped from the collapsing temple and were pursued by the troupe: this led to their next adventure Dragon SnowStorm.

The troupe were awarded the very great honour of Freedom of the City of Irilian jointly by the Abbess Teral GothDohtor and the Magician Zotaquaan as a result of their success.

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