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Caves of Chaos Slave Lords Tomb of Horrors
The Dark of Irilian Temple of Elemental Evil  
The Dragon SnowStorm The Wedding Crypt of Istaris
Aethering the Damned The Dark Druid  


After saving and releasing  The Dragon Snowstorm, the Troupe set off to the Grand Society Wedding of Jolene and Lucca.

On their way to this grand event, and indeed immediately after it, a number of minor disturbances required their attention.

Firstly, here was a disturbance caused by cats in Peach Farm, an out-of-control Zoo in Caelem, and disturbances in the ancient Chevaliers' Shrine in Grimlon. The Pine Brothers in Redcliffe, and further problems in Grimlon caused by non-humans at a Feast were also resolved.

In addition, an incident involving The Red Death in Takshire was also solved by the Troupe's discovery of an antidote - a much celebrated discovery even to this day.

After the wedding, in Ruppin Athlik a spate of thefts of Gargoyle Wings was solved by the Troupe and the wings returned to their rightful owners.

The Wedding annd its attendant requests being over, the Troupe set off back towards Grimlon, where they would receive a request for help with the destruction of the Tomb of Aethering.

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