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Caves of Chaos Slave Lords Tomb of Horrors
The Dark of Irilian Temple of Elemental Evil  
The Dragon SnowStorm The Wedding Crypt of Istaris
Aethering the Damned The Dark Druid  


After completing their major task: The Temple of Elemental Evil, the Troupe knew that the two magicians Heidrack and Senshock had escaped from the collapsing Temple and were making their way to King Rolex. The troupe caught up with Senshock but he tried to ambush the troupe in the snow, but he was defeated and killed.

snowstorm The Troupe followed Heidrack from Homlett and were led to the Cave of the goodly Dragon Taliens in the Pinnacle Mountains.

Dragon Taliens told the Troupe of his anguish at the plight of his friend, the Dragon SnowStorm who was being held in an Ice Cave against his will, by an evil Ice Ogre about 20 miles south at Amni Caphri.

SnowStorm was trapped in the Ogre's cave owing to the food given to him by the Ice Ogre, which kept him too large for the exit.

Dragon Taliens gave directions to the Dragon SnowStorm's cave, as shown on the red line and the dashed line on the map.

The Troupe entered the caverns and went past the ice ogre living quarters to another room beyond. King Rollex was in that room and and the Troupe fought and killed him.  Severed heads of various creatures were discovered under the bed in a trunk - the King was an evil monster and it was good that his local reign was at an end.

The Troupe decided to rest for the the night in the room. In the morning there was heard a knock at the door: Heidrack was asking to speak with King Rollex. Quietly, the Troupe answered the door, and were able to kill Heidrack who was unarmed, and unprepared for combat, and in his night clothes. It transpired that Heidrack was constructing an underground complex of rooms with the intention of building a base from which to raid and plunder the surrounding region.

The Troupe located the Dragon SnowStorm held in an Ice Cave from which he couldn't escape owing to the fact that the entrance had been narrowed, and the food he was receiving prevented him from reducing his girth. However, SnowStorm was rescued  by a cast of a shrink spell. Braving the brown mould which had been placed at the entrance to the Ice Cave to prohibit entry, the Troupe were able to get at the treasure behind his lair, which he let them keep, being pleased as he was, to be rescued.

After their return to Hommlett the Troupe received an invitation to attend a Society Wedding in Takshire and so they set off on their way to this grand event.

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