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Note: the chronicles indicated above are still being written for presentation. Some are not currently available.

After the Grand Society Wedding and the various adventurous problem-solving favours which the Troupe did before, during and after it, the Troupe were requested help when the village of Nulb became threatened.

Nulb, Homlett, and Irilian Nulb village - between Irilian and Homlett

Nulb village
Nulb - under Threat !

The Dark Brotherhood, and evil gang operating in the region, had set up a timed explosion for midnight in the Crypt of Istaris near to the village of Nulb.

The Padisha had refused to pay a ransom of 200,000 gold pieces to the gang, and so were being threatened with the destruction of Nulb.

The Troupe searched the Crypt and found the body of Istaris, and his Medallion. When these had been destroyed by fire, the spell causing the exposion threat would be destroyed. This was done only in the nick of time, at 15 minutes to midnight.

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