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Caves of Chaos Slave Lords Tomb of Horrors
The Dark of Irilian Temple of Elemental Evil  
The Dragon SnowStorm The Wedding Crypt of Istaris
Aethering the Damned The Dark Druid  


After their narrowly achieved destruction of the Crypt of Istaris, the Troupe traversed the Badlands and proceded to return to Grimlon. In a dungeon in Grimlon, they found a map showing the approximate location of the Tomb of Aethering, in the Jutting Peak - an area not very well known to the Troupe.

They travelled to Irilian to seek the assistance of a cartographer, with whose help the Jutting Peak was located.

The long trek from Erba Alba to Jutting Peak
The long Trek from Irilian to Jutting Peak

En route, there was trouble reported in Erba Alba, with a gang of Gummy Bears which were being created and led by the Great Mentu. The halfling village of Jes was being terrorised by the gang of Gummy Bears who were living in a collapsed disused nearby dungeon. Eventually, the Troupe found and overcame The Great Mentu and so the bears were defeated.

The very grateful Cooks of Jes were freed and returned to their home village. Our halfling Thief Sprigg collected a very powerful Bread Knife weapon from the dungeon - a weapon which has proved its worth on many occasions.


Arriving at the Jutting Peaks (having travelled a rather circuitous route) the Troupe passed the "Blue House", where the Elven King informed them about Aethering the Damned, and of a route to his tomb. The Troupe successfully located Aethering's Tomb, and his remains (along with those of his wife, Ariana, and their son) and a horde of treasure.

A bowl was found in which there was a reflective fluid containing the spirit of the Aetherings. As the Troupe inadvertently stared into the bowl, one member of our Troupe, Budwyn, saw Ariana (the Wife of Aethering) and hence became possessed by her spirit.

Budwyn then disappeared, taking the treasure, whilst the troupe were killing an invisible Stalker.

The Troupe destroyed the remans of the Aethering, but were unable to locate the whereabouts of Budwyn, who was then believed to be lost under possession of Ariana's spirit.

The loss of Budwyn greatly troubled the Troupe, and on their subsequent journeys they had vague suspicions of thinking his spirit was near, in animals or birds, but he was never found.

The Troupe then heard from Teral Guthdotor that the Dark Druid Guantather is now presenting a major threat to the entire area of the Holy Cities as far south as Lenap. We must devote our complete attention to the solution of this threat - 
thus the mission of the Dark Druid became the Troupe's next major mission.

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