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In the beginning of 1988 (in the time of our universe) the troupe were on their way to the Elphand Lands, passing through the Region of Valon, having explored Eastern Valon and the Valley of the Ancients in the far northern reaches of their land for the previous 7 or 8 years.
During their passage through Ravensport they encountered considerable difficulty with a gang of Lizard Men. During this encounter they heard of the growing and threatening practice of a group known as The Slave Lords, who were apparently and according to rumour, enslaving many of the local folk in some fof the larger settlements and towns in the area.

The red line marks the route taken by the troupe.

They travelled from the east, and passed through Ravensport where they had to defeat a large group of Lizard Men, on the coast. It was then that the troupe heard about the Slave Lords. These human and Humanoid indivuals had been causing considerable distress to the inhabitants of the surrounding towns and villages (listed in clockwise rotation on the map: Ravensport, Vosteria, Berclazan, Zindar, Fomaland, Moskilt, and Suderham) by capturing them for enslavment.

The troupe accepted the task of clearing the region of this evil.

They proceeded south to Vosteria where an old ruined Temple was found. This temple was in possession of two Slave Lords Malbio (a Cleric) and Graniumus (a Magician), assisted by Pizter (a thief).

Having overcome these villains, the troupe learned that they must cross the Sanctuary River and pass to the north of the Hearing Mountains to Moskilt, where more Slave Lords were active.Indeed they found in Moskilt a large slaver's stockade in the charge of Markessa (a fighter/magician) and Blackthorn (an ogremage), assisted by Executioner (an ogre), Icar (fighter) and Gulyet (a goblin).

After some difficulty, the troupe were successful in escaping from the stockade, having learned that they must clear the Slavers' Fortress, located to the north of the Wilderland Mountains. There was a major battle with its evil rulers, Slave Lords Mordrammo (a cleric), his brother Milerjoi (a monk), Penhaligon (a magician - see note below), and a large horde of hobgoblin assistants. This was a serious encounter which taxed the strength of the troupe. One new member of the troupe at the time, Weatherwax (who was reconstructed from the component psyche of Doug Banks) proved his worth by causing the death of the evil magician Penhaligon by the casting of green death.
(Note concerning Penhaligon: some readers will remember that Penhaligon was in fact a member of the troupe until 1990 (our time) when his evil alignment was rejected by the rest of the troupe. The death of Penhaligon therefore marked the end of an era for the troupe in ensuring that they could be firm in their wish to fight all evil from wherever it may emerge.)

suderham.jpg (55108 bytes)

During the battles at the Slavers' Fortress, the troupe gathered the intelligence concerning the true seat of the Slave Lords at Suderham where they had built and were occupying a large Castle. Travelling around the northern foothiils of the Wilderland Mountains, the troupe eventually located Suderham and its Slave Lord Castle. There they fought the remaining key Slave Lords Mordrammo (the cleric, who had fled from the Slavers' Fortess) and Lamonsten (an illusionist) who were assisted by Theg Narlot (a half-orc fighter/assassin), Edralve (a drow elf fighter/cleric) and Slippery Ketta (a thief). However, in the end, after a prolonged battle, and the effective defeat of the Slave Lords, nature had its revenge on everything that the Slave Lords had tried to do, as a major volcanic eruption and massive explosion close to Suderham (left) brought about its total destruction.

The troupe escaped safely. Nearly all of the Slave Lords were overcome either in the battle with the troupe or in the volcanic explosion. Two or three fairly minor characters were known to have escaped and to have fled to the coast where they were believed to have taken a boat. They have not been heard of since.

Note: No responsibility can be accepted for any damage caused as a result of any person trying to replicate these adventures at home.

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