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After the major success of the defeat of the Slave Lords in the Region of Valon, the troupe spent about a year wandering around the east of the Elphand Lands and entered the region of the City State of the World Emperor in 1996, our time.

In fact they explored the entire area of the Elphand Lands from the Snake River in the east (and the collection of lakes with which it is associated, and shown on the Maps of Travelling page) the Forbidden Forest and the massive Irminsul Forest down to Bress in the south, before entering the region of the City State of the World Emperor (CSWE).

They were escorting a convoy carrying a consignment of dwarven gold and a warning scroll from Erba Alba, a town to the north, to the important City of Irilian.
It was reputed that the scroll foretold of a potential evil which was theatening the stability and prosperity of the region.

darkirilian.jpg (70823 bytes)
Erba Alba to Irilian

Irilian City

Teral GuthDohtor

By enlisting the help of some Chantrymen, the troupe entered the city through the Chantry Temple and Graveyard just outside the great west gate of the city. They delivered the warning scroll to  Abbess of the Abbeie (the large walled area at the western gate), Teral GuthDohtor who had heard of their skills and asked that they help remove the threat to her beloved city.

They met with Teral GuthDohtor, and with the high level magician
Zotaquaan, who lived in the Tor Wysard, a large tower in the south east of the city.


The two Leaders told how, for some time, the wellbeing of Irilian had been threatened by an incipient evil, known locally as "The Dark". The scroll confirmed the threat with the words:
"Dark Rises - Out of the West the Dark comes crawling, higher and higher 'til it touch the Sky. While in the East the light stillburning sends the hero to the funeral pyre."
Using all the combined strengths of the Abbess Teral and the Magician Zotaquaan, the troupe and the forces of the City destroyed The Dark. In particular, a Warrior Monk became the Hero Lightchild of the scroll,and he sacrificed his life in a deep well beneath the City, where The Dark was overcome by the burning of his body.

At the end of the conflict, he troupe learn that The Dark was in fact being generated by the God Iuz, in his Temple of Elemental Evil, lying to the west of Irilian. The troupe agreed to assist the City by starting out on a mission to destroy the Temple and rid the region of this major evil threat to its wellbeing once and for all.
Hence starts the mission of the Temple of Elemental Evil.

Note: No responsibility can be accepted for any damage caused as a result of any person trying to replicate these adventures at home.

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